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Best New Music 2018

Featuring Tyler Dopps, Haunted Horses, Guayaba, Pink Parts, Parisalexa, Terror/Cactus, The Sons of Rainier, Tres Leches, Bread & Butter and Head Band

’80s Redux’: Where They Are Now

Mike Hipple's new book features interviews and photos of 40+ musicians.

Saul Becker’s ‘Slash Piles’

The artist's large-scale oil paintings are on view at studio e gallery through May 19.

Filastine & Nova Head Off to New Adventures

The multimedia duo played their final Seattle show at the Clock-Out Lounge last month.
Taste Test

Taste Test with Mikey McClarron

McClarron shares his go-to food staples, favorite art and more.

Burien UFO Festival Sets the Phasers to Fun

The festival celebrated its fifth year with performance, films and art.

Kristina Dillard’s Literary Movement

The choreographer mounted a trio of works-in-progress at The Grocery on Beacon Hill in late March.