Amanda Manitach is the visual arts editor of City Arts magazine. She is also an artist and co-founder at The Factory, an art gallery and event space in Capitol Hill’s Pike/Pine corridor.

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Notes from the Underground

The woman behind the city’s hottest pop-up market. You might recognize Marz from the new mural painted above Plymouth Pillars Park, overlooking I-5 between Pike and Pine: She’s gazing up at the sky from underneath a red umbrella, face framed...

How to Enjoy the Frye

TO START WITH, HAVE A GLASS OF WINE IN THE MUSEUM CAFE. Or have two glasses. The Frye's star artwork is called Sin and you're going to spend some time with it, so if you're not indulging in something that smacks just a little bit of indiscretion,...

Q&A with Curtis Erlinger

Curtis Erlinger packages the past sleekly, its detritus of memory and discarded imagery reworked into objects with a second life that have a meditative, often monochromatic coolness. For Scissor Lift (at PUNCH Gallery), Erlinger delves into a new...

Those Damn Art Walks

I really like going out with non-artists on art walk nights. My brain has been flogged by art and art history and artspeak enough over the years that it's easy to lose track of who's making art for whom, why it matters, to whom it matters. Other...

Q&A with Rumi Koshino

The breadth of Rumi Koshino's work is impressive: it ranges from drawing and painting and video to sweeping installations of delicate, handmade sculptures. Through all the work, which is aesthetically unified by intensive amounts of labor and...

Infused with Nowness

An artist transforms garments from bygone decades. Jackie O and Jackie Hell could both find something they need at The Vutique, where the clothes are edited into convenient micro-collections: contemporary bohemian, vintage boho, business, cocktail....

A Flash, Then Nothing

Traveler, filmmaker and photographer Rodrigo Valenzuela finds truth between fiction and reality. Rodrigo Valenzuela is driving through the southern California desert toward Joshua Tree. His pickup hums quietly over interminable roads, kicking up a...

Q&A with Lindsey Apodaca

Lindsey Apodaca’s work is reliably brassy stuff. She obsessively collects Catholic paraphernalia, vintage stuffed animals, girly juvenilia and teenage contraband, which she uses to make sometimes-funny, sometimes-pervy, sometimes-offensive,...

Q&A with Scott Lawrimore

On Thursday news broke that Scott Lawrimore was appointed Deputy Director, Collections and Exhibitions, at Frye Art Museum. In many ways it’s a perfect match and we’ll have to forgive Lawrimore for shuttering his much-loved and influential...

Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook

Eleven artists dug into their sketchbooks and gave us a peek at their schematics, drunken scribbles, daydreams, doodles and to-do lists... Click on a thumbnail to launch the slideshow.

Bryan Schoneman at Gallery4Culture

At the opening for Bryan Schoneman’s Attempts at Bedrock, visitors wandering around Gallery4Culture might have been expecting a performance. But the machines were at rest. Right now the gallery is filled with tools, conveyor belts, a cistern and...

Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones

This month SOIL Gallery has about it the whiff of a naturalist’s curiosity cabinet. Of course, always lurking beneath that fresh-faced, well-mannered Victoriana is Dickensian brutality and repressed sexuality ready to burst the seams. The subverted...