Amanda Manitach is the visual arts editor of City Arts magazine. She is also an artist and co-founder at The Factory, an art gallery and event space in Capitol Hill’s Pike/Pine corridor.

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Here Come the 2017 Summer Art Walk Awards

The 2017 summer Art Walk Awards are almost here. Meet the judges!
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Breezy Simplicity

Jennie Pegouskie keeps it casual.

Confluence of Culture

Decades into her career, Mary Ann Peters embraces history, politics and her own heritage.

Oxbow Provides Rare Space for Big Installations

The Georgetown gallery gives artists space to explore experimental and large scale works.
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Hypercolor Fantasy

Adam Heimstadt likes his look loud, bright and dramatic.

Announcing the Spring 2017 Art Walk Awards Finalists

See the nominated artworks here, and join us on May 11 to cast your vote!

Here Come the Spring 2017 Art Walk Awards

Mark your calendar for May 11 and meet the guest judges for this quarter.

In Great Detail

Humaira Abid rebels against taboo with painstaking miniatures and wood sculptures.

Elegance Against the Elements

Freeman is handmade in Seattle for Seattle.
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Aggressively Transgressive

Arson Nicki has a day drag and a night drag.
Sketchbook Porn

Sketchbook Porn: Karen Hackenberg

Inside the unscripted, messy, endlessly telling art of the sketchbook.

A Feature Documentary Explores Time Travel

Gisella Bustillos’ forthcoming film 'A Brief History of Time Travel' asks more than 40 interviewees what they would do if they could go forward or back in time.