Genre Bender

Conceptual Artist Meets Musician: C. Davida Ingram and Hanna Benn

Hanna Benn and c. davida ingram


Genre Bender 2015 is just a few weeks away, and five intriguing pairs of artists are hard at work dreaming, bending, blending, refining their category-defying creations. Now’s the time to get to know this year’s collaborators, if you don’t already.

Conceptual artist C. Davida Ingram and musician Hanna Benn didn’t know one another prior to their Genre Bender pairing, but we believed they’d make a great match. Both women wield a captivating power that suffuses their work, at once deeply grounded and spiritual. The duo is working with a mix of melodies, words and visuals—and we can’t wait to see how their evocative sensibilities combine. 

Hanna Benn is a musical polymath: a multi-talented instrumentalist who composes for piano, chorus and string quartet. She earned her indie cred in late 2008 when she started her band Pollens with fellow Cornish student Jeff Aaron Bryant. Her work is wide-ranging, musical talent shot through a prism and refracted back in multiple iterations—indie pop, chamber music, choral work. Her honey-whiskey voice has no floor and no ceiling and her compositions aspire to transcendence, each one another stop an an evermore-exposed inner journey.

C. Davida Ingram is a self-described “cultural worker” whose creation takes many forms: performances, installations, photographs, videos and private performance art. Community is at the heart of all her work, as well as queer theory, gender politics and race. Her audiences can be many or one: For her project Come Hungry, 10 years in the making, she invited white men into her home and cooked for them, “which was a way for me to have a disarming conversation about white male supremacy.” She’s worked at the Seattle Art Museum, Gage Academy of Art, Video Machete, Insight Arts and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center and she’s a co-founder of the Seattle People of Color Salon. Last spring she curated Stereo*type* at LxWxH, featuring text-based pieces focused on poetics, type and typography that outlined and expanded upon racial identities.

What will these two brilliant, inventive artistic minds come up with as they cross-pollinate and create?

Find out when Genre Bender comes to the Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7. Advance tickets are $20, but they’re $30 at the door. Join us Saturday night and stick around for an after-party with music from DJ Topspin.

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Vocalist okanamodé and aerialist Lara Paxton
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