‘Breathe, Just Breathe’

Vital signs arrive in the form of Breathe, Just Breathe, a short film that brings together luminaries of Seattle dance, music and film. This compelling piece offers some degree of reassurance from the city’s creative community, coalescing immense talent into a stylish visual meditation on the power and necessity of perseverance. 

Directed and produced by Cheryl Ediss and Carrie Robinson, Breathe, Just Breathe takes its title from a tattoo that adorns the wrist of Molly Sides, the film’s principal dancer. Sides first encountered Ediss and Robinson in early 2015 when the duo shot a video for her band Thunderpussy (“Welcome to the Disco” is an essential slice of Seattle rock n’ roll debauchery; you should watch it). With her in mind, Ediss and Robinson set out to create an art film that combined movement, choreographed by Sides, who dances alongside Calie Swedberg and Matt Drews, with original music, composed and recorded by Vashon Island multi-instrumentalist Jason Staczek. The other crucial component of the film is its location: the Georgetown Steam Plant, into which the filmmakers breathe life through human movement and subtle visual effects. 

It’s all gorgeous to look at and listen to. But more importantly, the film says something. Nevermind the fact that it was shot over a 12-hour span back in January—this is about our present moment. 

“Molly, Cheryl and I were experiencing some darkness in our lives, and [the film] became a story about navigating through life and dealing with these dark issues or challenges you face,” Robinson says. “You don’t have a choice a lot of times—you just have to accept what’s dished out. You have to roll with it and keep going.”

The film ends on an ambiguous note, suggesting that there’s more to the story than what’s contained in its three minutes. “There isn’t always a resolution,” Ediss says. “That doesn’t mean you stop or give up. You accept what is and keep going, as hard as that is to say right now. I don’t accept it, but it is what it is.”

We’re thrilled to host the premiere of Breathe, Just Breathe. Watch below.