Nepo House: Where Art Lives (And Don't Pay Rent)

In my living room, you'll find a veritable warehouse of used furniture, a clothes drying rack and four Nintendo gaming consoles.

In Czech-American artist Klara Glosova's living room, you'll also find a gaming console (she has two kids). But the main event in her Beacon Hill home is always art: sculpture, music, painting, collage, installation, video and sometimes projection. Art in her house lives like an unruly band of tenants who stay for free, yet can't be told to mind their own space.The art display rotates and, sometimes, people gather to take it all in together.

This Saturday, September 25 (6:00pm–12:00am), Glosova invites you to come and be a part of that mix at the fourth NEPO ("open" spelled backwards) House. And this month, she's incorporated a lively batch of performing artists.

Read the schedule and get the address after the jump:

6:00 - NEPO OPEN
6:30 - ongoing Finding the Weight of a Horizon by iateit yesterday
8:30 - lecture by Mrs. Evelyn Shabooby and PIE-d Pauper
9:00 - poet Susan Parr reading from her book Pacific Shooter
9:30 - musical guest Shenandoah Davis
11:00 - Live from Czech Waffle Cemetery: Skype call with Kolafantasprajt
11:30 - The Phone Returns by Stace Kitsmind

"Additional performances by Claude Bourbon, Mance Engine – and maybe even Christian Hewitt Gerald – throughout the evening."

More info at Klara Glosova's Web site.

NEPO House, 1723 S Lander Street, Seattle, WA 98144

Read more about Glosova in this story from our January issue. Or hear her discuss her own artwork in this interview: