8 Illuminating Things from the Weekend

1. Even the hippest of hipsters can’t refuse an impromptu conga line. Thank you, "Penetration" at Unicorn.

2. Teach a child how to blow bubbles with their chewing gum – become a hero.

3. If you want to run a drug cartel, get a good nickname that is intimidating in both Spanish and English (because the North American drug-conomy is a bilingual business).

4. Men in Austria still wear Lederhosen. By choice.

5. Dressing head-to-toe in your Syracuse gear at Husky Stadium gets you nowhere – not even intelligently heckled.

6. Sunday Happy Hour at Moshi Moshi in Ballard. It’s so good, I almost don’t want to tell you about it.

7. So typical. Just like I could never buy a monogrammed key chain, I'll never have a hurricane, either.

8. To some people, an earring hook is just as good as a toothpick. (Gross.)