Joey Veltkamp's Guide to First Thursday Art Walk

The openings you don't want to miss at the most popular Art Walk around the Sound.

110% by Isaac Layman / Lawrimore Project

Otter Pop #7, 2010

Isaac Layman’s photographs are multiple exposures digitally stitched together to create hyperreal images of objects from his daily life. For his third show with LP, we’ll see Otter Pops, broken glasses, appliances and a hot dog wrapper. This will be one of the art walk highlights!

Lynne Turner & Peter Millett / Greg Kucera Gallery

Feast Bowl, 2009 by Peter Millett

Lynne Turner makes spare drawings of insinuated structures and forms that aren’t really there. Peter Millet makes geometric sculptures of wood and metal. Together, they make a beautiful elegant pairing of the corporeal and the ethereal.

Magicality, organized by William Powhida and  Eric Trosko: / Platform Gallery

Pile of Demon Heads, 2009 by Sarada Rauch

This group show investigates the commonalities that exist between art and magic(k). Totems, offerings, and the idea of turning everyday things into items of value (alchemy) are a few ways the two intersect. With William Powhida as an organizer, you know it’s going to be interesting at the very least.

A Gallery of Immortals by Sandro Tchikovani (Misk1) / Tether Design Gallery

Sandro Tchikovani (Misk1) will be showing a parade of pop culture superheroes. These looks great.

Bay Area Group Showcase / Flatcolor Gallery

Octopus Girl by Jeremy Forson

Tenfold / Catherine Person Gallery

Untitled #1, 2010 by Julie Lindell

BREAST / Ouch My Eye Gallery

Also, don’t miss the great shows at Gallery4Culture, SOIL, Gallery 110, PUNCH Gallery, Trevor Johnson at Zeitgeist Coffee.


Best of Art Walk Awards is back at Caffe Vita, starting at 8:00pm. Stop by after you've "art walked" to vote for the artist you think should walk away with $500 cash.