Spotlight: Bang, Universe, Everything

Chauney Peck is best known for her “paintings” of collaged vinyl. By translating 3D images into 2D works on paper and using bold color, she turns piles of trash into piles of beautiful. 

Over the past couple of years, however, Chauney’s work has been changing subtly. Shying away from hints of the sentimental, she has been distilling her work down to what is essential. This has shown itself in many interesting ways, including plywood sculptures in the shape of zircon crystals (based on the dimensions of a crocus) and intricately patterned vinyl “blankets.”

Most recently, Chauney’s work embraced the elements of chance and divination. A homemade set of “chance” cards dictated placement, color and order in her latest show of sculptures, which were inspired by an exhibit of African fetish objects she saw in Paris.

112 Third Avenue South

(above) Chauney Peck, A Powerful New God is Coming, 2010, vinyl on paper, 35 x 32 inches.