January Issue Item: Klara Glosova Shows Her Work

Seattle-based artist Klara Glosova is founder of the home_page.project, for which she launched an experimental gallery space for other artists in her private home. While interviewing Glosova about the project, City Arts gained some insight into the artist's own work and decided to offer up this audio/visual slideshow to complement the printed story, currently running in the January 2010 of City Arts  Seattle (get your copy here). The audio is a series of excerpts from our interview.

Originally from Brno, Czech Republic, Glosova explores many interesting personal topics in the guise of portraits and figures borrowed from historical or contemporary references, as she describes it, "using an image of a historical/cultural figure to convey a message of inner discovery and revelation," including most recently, Goya, Martin Luther and Pavarotti. She's is also interested in revealing the process of how her work is made through her work (e.g., allowing a Photoshop window frame or a notebook spiral to find its way into a painting).

Watch the slideshow here:


Glosova will have work included in the Artist Trust auction this year and at a group show at the International Print Center New York (IPCNY). Visit her Web site for more information about future projects and exhibitions.


Art credits (unless otherwise noted, all works by Klara Glosova): Entropy (photographed after time-lapse video was completed by Kyle Johnson); Marco & Angel with pink tape (original photo by Bellen Drake); portrait of Klara Glosova by Kyle Johnson; Power cord drawings; Entropy, video excerpt; "Goyaesque Figure" sketches, paintings and various drawings; Push, sketch and drawing in stairwell; Martin Luther; Lucas Cranach the Elder, Portrait of Martin Luther; Martin Luther sketch and research; photo of the artist by Kyle Johnson; Entropy, video excerpt; Martin Luther collage; Pavarotti 100%, sketch; Pavarotti 100% painting; Modern day Altarpiece (back-lit painting); Modern day Altarpiece, lit detail; Modern day Altarpiece, shadow Black & White; Entropy, video excerpt.

Our honest mistake: credits for photographers Kyle Johnson and Bellen Drake were originally omitted from this list. That has been remedied.