Visual Art

Chihuly’s House of Glass

Dale Chihuly’s most recent addition to Seattle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, was completed in just the last few weeks at Seattle Center.  The structure is the largest museum in the world that houses the works of Chihuly exclusively.  The expansive building is home to various galleries, a restaurant, and a gift shop.  The museum is now open to the public with an admission price of $19.

As visitors enter the museum, they view a Chihuly timeline, showing the progression of the artist’s work, as well as a number of his earlier works on display, including some experimental work with neon.

Visitors walk beneath one of his Persian ceilings, very similar to what Chihuly’s work that can be seen in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Housed inside the museum (which somewhat replicates a large conservatory) is a vast garden of glass, illuminated from inside.

A number of chandelier pieces, once on display over the canals in Venice, Italy, are on display throughout the exhibition.

Glass sculpture flows throughout the large, open atrium, spilling in to the surrounding courtyard, where various glass scenes match the surrounding landscape.