Noah Gundersen performs “Cigarettes” on The Song Show

Noah Gundersen always sounds a little road weary in his intimate and earnest folk songs, but he had good reason to sound that way when he took the Song Show stage at the Rendezvous to share a handful of new songs and a few stories with the packed crowd.

It had only been a few hours since he rolled into town from Phoenix following a brief tour through the Southwest in support of Illinois singer-songwriter William Fitzsimmons. Still, Gundersen was in high spirits, his stage banter charming and disarming, despite his contention that talking isn’t his strong suit. The songs themselves were stunners, proving that Gundersen’s abilities have grown considerably, even since the release of last year’s LP, Family. The most remarkable moment came with his last song “Cigarettes,” clearly his most artful performance to date.

I could try to explain its power, but would come up short. Fortunately, prior to the live show, Gundersen performed the song for our cameras. Lucky you.

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Photo of Noah Gundersen on stage at The Song Show by Brandon Hill