The Song Show Archive: Fatal Lucciauno

When Fatal Lucciauno takes the stage at the Rendezvous’s Jewel Box Theatre for the Song Show on March 8, he will be returning to familiar territory. The Seattle rapper was actually the first ever hip-hop artist to guest on the show, way back on May 21, 2009, when the Song Show was put on monthly at the Can Can (and presented by the now-defunct music mag Sound). Here’s a brief look back at that performance for a sense of what will happen when Lucciauno returns to chat and perform songs, a cappella, from his new Jake One-produced EP, The Message (out now), and full-length, Respect (out February 21 on Sportn’ Life Records).

Lucciauno started the evening out in introductory fashion with an a cappella version of the track “Focus” from his debut, The Only Forgotten Son. The song is as personal as they come, recounting the life of drugs, guns and darkness from which the artist had emerged. Throughout, he urged himself to stay focused. “Can’t change the past but I’m no longer lyin’,” Lucciauno rapped, his voice slightly hoarse. Afterwards, I asked him where the song came from. “A lot of people intend to make music and say nothing,” he said. “When you’re a new artist, you’ve got to say something. So I wanted to not make a rap of something that just sounded good; I wanted to tell something from my experience” He continued:

“When I first started, I couldn’t rap to a beat at home. I had to be in the studio. So, Sportn’ Life was at the Pharmacy, [a studio in town run by producers Vitamin D and Jake One]. I was writtin’ and I was cryin and I started cryin’ again. And in the studio we used to have Sportn’ Life Sundays and those were days where Sportn’ Life records would take over the studio. And people were tryin’ to come in, but they wouldn’t come in because every time they did they saw me cryin’. Finally I felt like I had the courage to record the song, but you could hear it in my voice. I was cryin’ all over the beat. So, I couldn’t do the song for two months and some change. Then [fellow Sportn’ Life artist] D. Black told me to come back to it when I was ready. So, first I felt like I didn’t want to lie to the people. Then, when I couldn’t record it because I knew I touched a nerve in myself, I knew that that had to go. If no other song I recorded made it, I knew that that song would make it onto the record.”

An then this happened* …



The Song Show, featuring Fatal Lucciauno, Noah Gundersen and Robert Deeble, takes place at the Rendezvous’ Jewel Box Theatre on Thursday, March 8. It’s a cozy room so buy your tickets now.


*Please let the 1 minute, 5 second mark of this clip be a reminder, when you attend the Song Show, PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!