Kaylee Cole Performs “David” on The Song Show

Last month, we recognized Kaylee Cole as one of the artists to watch on our Future List. She was deservingly given the title “The Singer.”

“Kaylee knows how to interpret a song,” we were told by Nick Jaina, whose album The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone features Cole’s voice, as well as those of Laura Gibson and Jolie Holland. “It’s a rare gift to have that skill coupled with confidence. When you give most people a song, you have to direct them on the nuances, how to convey feeling, when to get louder. She naturally feels all those things out and I don’t have to tell her much.”

The same goes for Cole’s solo material, which I found out when Cole appeared on the latest episode of The Song Show at the Rendezvous. Cole proved to be a fount of nuance, able to pair the loud and the soft, the goofy and the serious. In this clip from the show, she shows her goofy side before getting serious with a performance of “David,” the only song, she told the crowd, that she wrote about the end of her marriage.



“David” is available on Kaylee Cole’s recently releasd EP, Always Going Home. Find regular updates on future episodes of The Song Show on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo by Kyle Johnson