Theft and Devotion: NEXT Fest NW at Velocity Dance Center

This year, Velocity Dance Center’s NEXT Fest NW featured new works from the likes of coreographers Mike Pham, Marlo Martin, and Kate Wallich, among others.  The weekend included three days of dance performances and live installations at Velocity Dance Studio.  A night of Dance Cinema at Northwest Film Forum featured screenings of eight short films about dance in various mediums.


Dancers in Marlo Martin’s energetic and highly emotional “tenSIDES: an excerpt without throwing plates”


Sculptural costume played a large role in the installment titled “Nobody’s Intersubjective Spectacles: Voyage Log 0001”.  Jelly fish and other undersea creatures took over the floor as the deep sea collided with scenes from the wild west.


“Ora et Labora” – an installation that took place during intermission – not only featured tunes from (amongst others) the likes of The Supremes, Quiet Riot, and Journey, but also a performance by two women dancing in washing machines, apparently taking care of a little dirty laundry.


Mike Pham performed solo in a work he coreographed, called “D0D”.  Text from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” was projected behind him as he carried out his intensely acrobatic routine, running back and forth across the stage.  The juxtoposition of dance and text provided a contemporary perspective on Shakespeare’s original script.