619 Tenants Could Reside in Former Lusty Lady

Resurrect the Lusty Lady?

Over the weekend, councilmember Nick Licata updated his website devoted to tracking the progress of the 619 Western building’s fate, posting eight building suggestions the artists may be able to relocate to. The list consisted of the Bemis Building, the Metropol building, Tashiro Kaplan’s basement, the top floor of the historic J&M building, King Street Station, Smith Tower, Inscape Studios and the former strip club venue Lusty Lady.

People are already beginning to weigh in on their picks. Both the Smith Tower and Inscape Studios are bringing in plenty of thumbs ups, according to 619’s facebook page. Although, the Lusty Lady could be the people’s choice if the building owners make the required upgrades.

One facebooker writes: I have to say, it would be amazing if the former Lusty Lady space ended up as art studios. And more amazing if at least a few of the former dancers ended up there as artists. That would be right up there with Larry Gossett having his County Council office on the same floor of the County Courthouse where he once was jailed. (Not to compare the Lusty to a jail, or an art studio to a councilmanic office…)


Photo from ashatsea on Flickr