Q&A With Collide-O-Scope’s Found Footage Curators

Michael Anderson and Shane Wahlund are the men behind Collide-O-Scope, a screening of strange and hilarious found footage hosted biweekly at Re-Bar and the first Monday of the month at Central Cinema. We chatted with Wahlund about the Collide-O-Scope’s beginnings, the constant hunt for new footage and tonight’s Re-Bar show–themed Your Incredible Future–where $6 admission covers bottomless popcorn and Red Vines, bacon salted popcorn and a chance at prizes culled from the pair’s basement.

How did Collide-O-Scope start?

It’s our favorite pastime when friends come over, digging through our piles of stuff and making them watch things. This past January was the show’s one year anniversary.

What did you do before YouTube?

We’ve compiled pretty ridiculous collections in every format over the years: DVDs, VHS, Laserdisc. It’s from anywhere and everywhere, whether it be Goodwill or stuff friends sent from public access across the country. It borders on sickness.

Are your friends willing to pay money to come out and see the videos you would show them in your own home?

I guess they do! We can’t as effectively mix cocktails for everybody. It’s either come to our show and pay or we’re not having you over again. [Laughs]

Do you have a favorite segment?

Our favorite of the past few months is this 18-year-old kid from Illinois named Lindon Warren. He can sing insanely well but can also seriously channel Judy Garland. He talks like her, uses her mannerisms, and sings songs as Judy or Louis Armstrong. He’s crazily talented. For our anniversary show, he did a special song for us.

What’s tonight show all about?

The theme is Your Incredible Future. There are always predictions of what the future and technology will bring. We’ll be showing weird stuff about the future: some goofy industrial stuff, a mish-mash of music, and a new Lindon. He’s the future, as far as I’m concerned.

Collide-O-Scope, 7 p.m.

Re-Bar, 1114 Howell St.