New David Bazan Record on the Way!

For some reason I arrived at the office at the same time as the mailman this morning, so I held the door open for him. He repaid me with a smiling “thank you” and a promotional copy of a new David Bazan record! It pays to be kind, people.

So, about this new record. It’s called Strange Negotiations and, unlike Curse Your Branches — the reflective meditation on faith that Bazan released in 2008 to almost universal praise — this album appears to be a rock record, crafted with help from Andy Fitts on bass and Alex Westcoat on drums (both of whom are currently on tour with Bazan, opening for Jimmy Eats World). Make no mistake, though; this is a Bazan record, so there are still some very fragile, beautiful moments that, even on first listen, have me transfixed. It’s just that those moments are buffered by overdriven guitars.

Also, according to the press release that accompanied my copy, “Negotiations is about delusion — or, rather, about trying to avoid the self-delusion that paves the way toward participation in mass delusion, and the deep impulse to dismiss those in ones life that subscribe to mass delusion.” Rock ‘n’ roll!!!


Photo via David Bazan’s MySpace