Spidermann Coming to Seattle!

That is not a typo. Spidermann — not to be confused with the broadway musical that maims actors, Spidermann — is a more modest affair being staged by Jose Bold, a k a John Osbold of theatrical pop band Awesome!, at the Satori Loft at the doomed 619 Western building January 20-22. Here is all the available from the recent announcement:

Jose Bold proudly presents an abstract musical called Spidermann [sic] – devised, written, and performed in less than a month, just before the Broadway event of our time opens. More info, such as cast list, coming soon…

Those are some sketchy details, but we can definitely say that this will be the first Spiderman-ish musical of 2011 and that you probably don’t need to wear a helmet or body armor to the performance, probably.