The Daily Note: Say Hi Hits the Skins and Astronautalis Teases Some Kid

Later this month Eric Elbogen, the man behind Barsuk Records electro-pop outfit Say Hi, will be releasing his seventh full-length album, Um, Uh Oh. Then he will go on the scariest tour ever, a two-month cross-country affair that starts with a January 28 record release party at Neumos.

Why so scary? Well, that Neumos show will be the first in his almost ten-year career that Elbogen will play as a drummer; a singing drummer. “I’ve always wanted to play drums and so I started after I finished recording this album, just so I could communicate with drummers better,” Elbogen recently told me while sitting is the Ballard apartment where he recorded the entirety of Um, Uh Oh. “It started going well, so I decided I could do this.” Elbogen then slowly pushed his hands through his hair and laughed, somewhat maniacally.


More on Mintz: Yesterday I reported that Gabe Mintz had split from his old rhythm section of Trent Moorman and Geoff Stansfield, which is technically true. But Mintz and Stansfield are still playing together. The two musicians will join drummer David Revelli, who has worked with Stansfield previously – most notably on Sun Kil Moon’s third full-length April – in a new side project called Spanish Electric. No material is available yet, but Mintz has just booked the group’s first show, Bryan John Appleby, February 25 at Conor Byrne in Ballard. And the beat goes on for Moorman. He’s got his hands full with Mad Rad’s imminent West Coast tour.


Blind Item: What local music journalist is dropping hints of dismissal on his Facebook page? [Update: It’s this guy.]


Thread of the Day

@astronautalis kid wrote my FB page asking if i “knew the rapper astronautalis”. i told him, “yes, i’m eating dinner with him right now”…

@astronautalis …then i carefully explained to him about how me and Astro became friends because we had the same name, but ended up getting a long great.

@astronautalis …he didn’t believe me. told me, “take a picture of him! prove it!” so i did:



@guerrillacandy Quick #sasquatch tweet: @dasracist is playing the fest May 29. h/t to Dustin

@veraproject Vera’s break is over and it’s back to reality! But reality is pretty sweet when you have great shows like Teengirl Fantasy Thu & Kimya Sat

@seattlerockguy Same-Sex Dictator kicked arse tonight!

@nwpassage1 In January 1994, Nirvana finished its final recording session as a band, at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle. #nirvana

@lottekestner i play drums now, sometimes.


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