Calvin Johnson and Hutch Harris Make Dreams Come True

Last night at Neumos, Seattle’s School of Rock put on its second all-Northwest music show, featuring kids playing through the region’s rich rock ‘n’ roll history, from the Sonics’ classic “The Witch” to 2008’s breakout track for the Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal.”

That’s right, they had these kids singing those high, four-part harmonies. No easy task, that.

Amongst all the performances were a couple special treats (aside from the guitarist dressed like the Cookie Monster while playing a Tad song): K Records exec Calvin Johnson strode on stage to help out with a rendition of the Halo Benders’ “Canned Oxygen” — though he mostly lip synced the vocals as his fuscia-haired preteen sidekick sang the words; and Hutch Harris from the Thermals popped up from out of nowhere to sing lead on a rousing, if slightly downtempo, version of “Here’s Your Future” before stage-diving into the arms of teenagers and parents alike.

Later, outside Neumos, all the talk between the teens was about who got to have their picture taken with Johnson, a man who first made his mark on the history of music almost thirty years ago. Awesome.

Photography by Bridget Christian