the Editors

The editors are the (at times, questionable) brains behind the content you read, watch and listen to in City Arts and City Arts Online. They write, they edit, they rewrite, they spell-check, they blog, they Tweet, they text. They just got a Flip camera, so now they flip, too. They go to shows as much as possible: theatre, punk rock, gala-singalongs and gallery openings. They consume pints upon pints of Stumptown coffee per day. They attend an unforgivable amount of meetings. They g-chat about photoshoot ideas, e-mail over lunch dates and shout headlines through office walls. They don't dress up very often. They read a ton. They never have a red pen when they need it. They swim, jog and occassionally take dance classes. They stay up late and come in early. They share loves for jazz and the True Blood soundtrack. Sometimes they make their own music, or write plays or poems or stories, though they wish they did it more. Sometimes they write for other publications. They could stand to get a hair cut. And their desks are messy, their offices poorly decorated. But their calendars are full. Their hopes high. They love the arts. They get goosebumps from a well-crafted poem or a sincerely delivered reading. They watch their favorite movies too many times. They probably care a little too much what people will think of this spread or that pullquote. But they can't help themselves.They hold onto the belief that people still read; and people still love to read about art. You do, don't you?

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