Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: September 2015

Briana Marela

Jackson Boone 
“The Dolphin Turned into a Cat”
The weird title is the weird chorus to this weird, wonderful song. This single, singular jam—baroque psychedelic pop in a Bowie/T. Rex vein—is all we’ve heard from Portland’s Jackson Boone but it’s enough to leave us wanting more. Thx to Sharlese of KEXP for the tip.

Joseph Giant “On the Run”
Joe Syverson—this quartet’s titular Joe—is indeed a big man and “On the Run” is a suitably big tune, all roaring guitars and overdriven vocals. You may not remember “Flirting with Disaster,” Molly Hatchet’s sole hit circa 1979, but Syverson does, and he channels that larger-than-life classic-rock swagger all over his new full-length Break It Together.

Briana Marela “Surrender”
After voicing a standout track on Odesza’s debut album, Briana Marela releases her solo debut this month on Indiana indie Jagjaguwar. It’s All Around is packed with love songs as unabashedly romantic as “Surrender,” which floats on twinkling, bubble-light electronics, washes of reverb and Marela’s sugar-sweet vocals.

Andrew Gospe “Washington Park”
We last heard from Andrew Gospe in this space in 2013, when we bumped his Battle Ground Grammar project’s post-hip-hop big beat. Now going by his own name, Gospe releases the Young Dread EP, the source of this track, which takes a cue from fellow Seattle beatmaker DJAO with a shifty, downtempo meditation.

Pezzner “Protection”
Fidgety synth stabs open this tech-house banger, merging into an elegant, percussive symphony before the righteous vocals kick in at three minutes: “Love in your heart! Patience in your spirit! Understanding in your mind! Kindness in your dealings!” “Protection” is the first single on Dave Pezzner’s new record label Hunt & Gather. We’re listening.