Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles October 2013

Moose Portrait “Disclaimer”
Exploding from a digital hiccup into a soaring guitar anthem, “Disclaimer” is as pleasantly surprising as the name Moose Portrait. (Moose Portrait!) The rest of the trio’s four-song EP is equally impressive—an unexpected, well-executed fusion of electronic frippery, big-rock grandeur and clever vocals.

My Goodness “I’m Coming Home”
The band’s calling “I’m Coming Home” a cover, but My Goodness’ entire existence is basically an homage to the Sonics—and props to them for nailing the part. “I’m Coming Home” ups the tempo of the original but rides the same sweet riff, ripping with the force of four decades.

Vikesh Kapoor “I Dreamt Blues”
Recent Pennsylvania-to-Portland transplant Vikesh Kapoor possesses the kind of voice you believe in, confident and compelling and colored by some ineffable hurt or wisdom. “I Dreamt Blues,” from Kapoor’s Howard Zinn-inspired debut The Ballad of Willy Robbins, is a delicate knife to the heart.

Grayskul “The Gift”
“The Gift” is the only uplift on Zenith, Grayskul’s latest collection of grit and grizzle. The longstanding Seattle hip-hop duo of JFK and Onry Ozzborn enlisted Portland singer Reva DeVito to coo the hook while the rest of the track spins around a shimmery, neo-soul groove, all the more gorgeous given its bleak surroundings.

Wishbeard “Vision Quest”
Imagine a tiny light penetrating outsized darkness. That’s the sound of Wishbeard’s four-song EP It’s All Gonna Break, synth-soothing and velvet-blanket cozy but attuned to the wide world. Second song “Vision Quest” hints at the quartet’s pop potential with sugary chord changes, peppy drums and Bryn Santillan’s woozy vocals.

Photo of Wishbeard is courtesy of Wishbeard