Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: November 2014

Jamie Aaron Aux

Wishbeard “Ally Sheedy”
With each turn they take, Wishbeard gets better and better. Named after everyone’s favorite Brat Pack crush, their new single flaunts the quartet’s deepening musical interplay, layering peels of reverb into a complex echo-chamber symphony, like android butterflies ascending in a fluttering cloud.

Kairos “Cold Habits (Manatee Commune Remix)”
Grant Eadie applies the electro-pastoral sensualism of his Manatee Commune project to a song from Kairos’ spring-released EP. If Lena Simon’s voice wasn’t dreamy enough in the original, here Eadie turns it into a siren call that’s nearly subliminal.

Eggshells “Millicent”
Eggshells is a strange new musical venture from a slew of scene vets. LP1 hums on an understated, slacker vibe, ready for blasting on cassette in a hotboxed Chevy Beretta, and “Millicent” feels especially indebted to ’90s alt-rock (see Folk Implosion’s “Natural One”). Contributors Ben Verdoes and Nate Quiroga recently relocated to New York, so who knows where the project’s going; regardless, the album’s a worthy statement.

Smokey Brights “Taste for Blood”
The debut single from Smokey Brights’ new LP is this close to brilliance. Its dippy, overlit chorus isn’t enough to ruin an otherwise smart, subtle groove and intricate guitar work. Feels like these indie-rock vets wanna step into the darkness but can’t conceal the polite smile that brought them to its door.

Jamie Aaron Aux “Forever”
Rounding out a month of weird songs is the weirdest one yet. Aux, former frontwoman of dreamy psych-rock outfit XVIII Eyes, packs an absurd abundance of ideas into “Forever”’s four minutes. Drum machines, Prince-style sex guitar, cooing vocals and a tension-building outro add up to a monument of savvy composition. Celebrate Aux’s album release at Barboza Nov. 7.