Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: March 2015

Sun Breaks

Sun Breaks “Side of the Road”
Imagine a warped bicycle wheel rolling down a gentle slope, its rhythmic lope appealingly off-kilter: That’s the groove that moves “Side of the Road.” Bubbling with big bass, emphatic percussion and woozy vocals, Sun Breaks is the adventurous new project by John Atkins, singer/guitarist of ’90s indie rockers 
764-HERO, and veteran drummer/producer James van Leuven.

Modest Mouse “The Best Room”
The pride of Issaquah delivers this month’s second ’90s callback, a characteristically jagged, crescendo-building yelp-along anthem from their upcoming sixth studio album. Despite their age, copious lineup changes and relocation to Portland, Modest Mouse sound more amphetamined than ever.

Eternal Tapestry “Wild Strawberries”
Shamanic vibes, man. Portland quartet Eternal Tapestry unspool a slew of 10-plus-minute journeys on their new double LP, including this hypnotic title track. Tight-knit and far-reaching as they are, we’d follow these guys anywhere.

Bread & Butter “Good Lines”
In 2015, instant-classic rock like this is a post-post-modern indulgence. Bread & Butter matches the sordid charm of early Aerosmith with the soulful swagger of Thin Lizzy while cribbing from the Tom Petty playbook for concise, undeniable songwriting. Born from the ashes of the First Times, one of our fave recent local bands, Bread & Butter calls their style “humprock.” Here’s hoping they keep it up.

Tuxedo “Number One”
Seattle superproducer Jake One + LA smooth-dude vocalist Mayer Hawthorne are Tuxedo, a new synth-soul outfit that recalls middle school hookups outside the roller rink circa 1986. “Number One” is a blatant riff on Snoop’s G-funk classic “Ain’t No Fun”—albeit with better manners.