Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: June 2016


The Dip, “Won’t Be Coming Back”
When fronted by singer Tom Eddy, the Dip sticks to the role of retro-soul backing band, slick and swinging but predictable. With the vocals removed—as heard on their new, all-instrumental EP—the band sounds timeless, letting their slinky horn charts lead melodic runs that are part Grant Green, part Grover Washington, all groove.

Sleep Talk, “i’m hal incandenza”
The title is a reference to a character from Infinite Jest; the prior track contains two minutes of David Foster Wallace describing his profound generational ambivalence; the song in question, off the debut EP from this young quartet, is a deftly convoluted, lo-fi prog-rock lark. Lots to unpack, lots to enjoy.

Raz Simone, “Missing Joogs”
The latest single from Raz Simone is so buoyant it practically levitates. Gospel-tinged and swooning in love, it proves Simone—known for his steely intensity and heavy-message rap—knows his way around a radio-ready summer jam.

Kung Foo Grip feat. Pigeonhed, “Pyramid”
Like some kinda musical speedball, this unlikely, inspired collaboration between MC duo Kung Foo Grip and experimental-electronic stalwarts Pigeonhed pulls in two directions at once. Call it ambient hip-hop: effects may include involuntary head nodding and elevated consciousness.

Navvi, “From the End and Start”
Spacious and enveloping as the night sky, Navvi’s new album is specially calibrated for nocturnal pleasures. The whole thing flows with a languid sensuality, but this album closer is especially chill, Kristin Henry’s ethereal vocals fading in and out of Brad Boettger’s noir-pop production.