Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: June 2014

Five can’t-miss tracks from the PNW

Deep Creep “Move a Little”
Check out the new project from former Pretty Girls Make Graves members Andrea Zollo and Derek Fudesco. “Move a Little” finds Zollo singing a sinister little dance number that shimmies like a lost classic from the the B-52s post-punkish early days. The song title is a directive; crank it and you can’t say no.

Gaytheist “Post Apocalyptic Lawsuit”
The chorus: “No one left to sue!” Gaytheist is linguistically tongue-in-cheek but sonically all brute force—an endearing, eardrum crushing juxtaposition best understood in concert. Taken from Live from the Banana Stand, a 13-track recording from last year’s Halloween concert in PDX, this song tells the Gaytheist story in two minutes, 20 seconds.

Cold Water Theater “Disappear”
Rarely does a band emerge so well executed, so far beyond the status quo. Cold Water Theater first released a trio of covers (Rihanna, SBTRKT, Lil Wayne) a year ago, but the band’s blue-eyed soul/glitch-hop/indie-pop hybrid fully flowers on Global Kids, their self-released full-length debut. Moody but soaring, “Disappear” is an exemplary highlight.

Shabazz Palaces “They Come in Gold”
A sneak-peek at Lese Majesty, SP’s second album on Sub Pop, coming July 29. Palaceer Lazaro shoulders a woozy, hypnotic rhythm with his asymmetrical flow—“Shall we raise a drink?/What the fuck you think?”—then 180s halfway through. “They Come in Gold” is more heady sound sculpture than conventional song.

Kid Smpl “Ja”
Kid Smpl’s 2012 debut Skylight dwelled underwater, deep, amorphous and annular. “Ja,” the first single from Smpl’s new EP, pricks and scuffs, steel wool and splinters instead of smoke and glass. Smpl—aka producer Joey Butler—still focuses on profound electronic atmosphere but here writes in contrasts rather than ebb and flow. The music remains as enigmatic as ever.


Pictured above: Deep Creep