Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: July 2014

Beat Connection “Hesitation”
The first song released by Beat Connection since their 2012 breakout LP finds the reconfigured quartet (new bassist!) wiggling further into beachy, blissy soultronica. Layered production—steel drum-ish percussion, multiple guitars and vocals, old-school samples, ambient effects—propels a tune as unique as it is addictive. Hello, summer!

The Pharmacy “Masten Lake Lagoon”
The long-lived, long-loved garage-rocking trippers release their fifth LP, Spells, in August; “Masten Lake” is the groovy, caustic lead single. In the face of reckless change, Seattle needs artists like the Pharmacy, stalwarts who left the city and returned to keep shit weird.

The Hollers “Go Slow”
With its deceivingly simple guitar riff, loping mid-tempo rhythm and instantly relatable lyrical delivery, “Go Slow” carries the same DNA as every great power-pop hit ever released, from Cheap Trick to Weezer. In an alternate universe, the Hollers—a fresh-faced, preternaturally polished quartet—soundtrack the opening credits to a primetime network sitcom.

Naomi Punk “Television Man”
Under the scuzz of “Television Man” lurks a radio-ready pop song. But Olympia-based Naomi Punk exists to obfuscate and obliterate, so they shroud a sing-alongable guitar-and-vocal harmony under queasy ambiance. It sounds like that time you accidentally ate an entire 54-oz. bag of Tropical Skittles.

The Parade Schedule “Shining Angel of My Dreams”
“In Seattle via Kentucky via Indiana, making jams,” sayeth the Parade Schedule’s Bandcamp page. “Shining Angel” is a grand jam indeed. The surfy, doo-wop-ish ode drips with dubious sincerity thanks to Matt Kinder’s droning drawl, a weary baritone midway between Calvin Johnson and the National’s Matt Berninger. Stick around, Matt!


Pictured above: Naomi Punk