Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: August 2015

Pete Quirk

Midday Veil
A merging of the tribes! Taken from MV’s upcoming album, “Babel” blends steely psych-rock intensity with rubbery jam-band pyrotechnics. The song is an all-star effort, with heavy-duty saxophonics courtesy of Skerik and a cosmic outro by Bernie Worrell, veteran keysman of Parliament-Funkadelic. Can you get to that?

Draemhouse “Woundlicker”
Speaking of steely—what about the Dan, man? Helmed by Chris Cheveyo, formerly of Rose Windows, Draemhouse flaunts an icy smoothness redolent of the tightly composed radio-rock of the sauntering ’70s. “Woundlicker,” the band’s first leak, plays like an insistent breeze on a still summer night.

Natasha Kmeto “Come and Say”
When the cloistered electronic-music producer opens up and sings out, the results are rarely this good. “Come and Stay” is the monster lead single from Portland-based multi-talent Natasha Kmeto’s Inevitable LP, coming in September on Dropping Gems. Here Kmeto fully reveals her powerhouse pipes, illuminating intimate bedroom soul with full-spectrum, big-beat sonics. 

Pete Quirk “Blue Garden”
Last month the Cave Singers’ singer released his first solo album, Fail On, Fail Better, a set of gentle but impassioned folk songs that range from drum machine-backed musings to sweet-sung duets to this gothic hymn heightened by Hanna Benn’s haunting vocals. The music is a finely crafted quilt, worn and warm; Quirk’s lyrics ring like poetry.