Attractive Singles

Attractive Singles: August 2014

Hanssen “Solar America”
Bob Hansen plays in longstanding house-music duo Jacob London. For his first solo LP he added an S to his surname and ditched the dance floor for… the planetarium? With a dreamy, deep-space ambience Carl Sagan would’ve loved, “Solar America” is the soundtrack to your next backyard stargazing party.

Sisters “Back 2 U”
Tropical Skittles, clean cocaine, Steely Dan… some things in life are deliciously addictive. Resembling at least two of those three is the debut song by new electro-soul duo Sisters (one girl, one guy, not sisters). Careful with “Back 2 U”—that breezy bounce is 100 percent pure dopamine.

S “Vampires”
The first single from the new record by S, aka music veteran Jenn Ghetto, gently previews winter gloom with a damp, dejected, sad-sack litany—“I’m crazy/You’re fucked up/Birthdays/Parking/New friends/Vampires/I am lonely”—spun into a cozy minor-key cocoon.

Sharkie “Living in Sin”
Judging from their eponymous debut, Sharkie is either a band of pop-rock Christians or tongue-in-cheek misanthropes. Either way they dignify everyday drama with soaring synths, yearning vocals and this chorus: “I don’t wanna be good/So I’m living in sin!”

Willis Alan Ramsey “Northeast Texas Women”
The theme song to my summer: I’ve listened to this 1972 gem several times a day since first hearing it last month via Light in the Attic’s Country Funk Vol. II. Ramsey, a long-lost, oft-covered Texas troubadour, marries the comp’s titular genres in rousing campfire-jam perfection.

Pictured above: S, photo by Adrien Leavitt