Video Premiere: "Filth" by Murder Vibes

Oh man, dating sucks! Especially now that there are a thousand different ways to do it, and do it constantly, whenever you look at your phone (assuming you consider swiping a form of dating): these amount to brand-new ways to find out exactly how insufferable and disappointing we are. What a bummer. When your patience is maxed out and your longing is at its peak, it's time for a new strategy. No, not celibacy. The supernatural! 

This is the premise of the new song and video by Murder Vibes, "Filth," which we're excited to premiere today. These guys—Jordan Evans on production; Pete Hanks on vocals and guitar—appeared among Seattle's electro-pop flowering in 2014, their eponymous debut the apotheosis of the sound, as I wrote back then. "Filth" is their first new material in a while, another slice of Gothic brooding and sky-sized soundscaping. "Tell me I'm the only one alive/When you turn out the light," Hanks sings, his voice overdubbed and octave-shifted throughout the song. As demonstrated by this song and accompanying video, co-directed by Evans and Hanks and starring Miranda Trout, Murder Vibes maintains a tight grip on the macabre.

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