Spicy Metal

Illustration by Kelly Bjork

Since launching last year, publishing project and arts collective Mount Analogue has been producing projects like Halie Theoharides’ The Final Rose, a Twitter-based artist residency, and generally making us reconsider what a small press should/could be. This month they debut SPICY METAL, a limited-edition comics journal featuring female-identifying artists, made with risograph printing by Cold Cube Press. The first issue, out June 16, features Kelly Bjork and Phoebe Bulkeley Harris, each of whom gets half of the space to interpret one central theme: bursting.

“I wanted something that was about both filling up and spilling out—the pushmi/pullyu, yin/yang, dark/light dichotomy is so embodied in bursting,” says poet, artist and Analogue founder Colleen Louise Barry. “I think bursting can also be interpreted as an especially feminine word, which I realized after receiving Kelly and Phoebe’s amazing work.”

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