Big Picture

“The Outer Limits,” a 7,000 square-foot panoramic mural by Christopher Paul Jordan, appeared at COLORED, an exhibition curated by Jordan that ran from Dec. 26 through MLK Day at the Carpenters Building in Tacoma. The show featured 35 Black visual artists and poets from the United States and the Caribbean, with an emphasis on interactive experiences and social media to facilitate connection among the participants and their communities. (The hashtag #COLORED2017 threads together a digital archive.) Jordan painted the mural all the way around the perimeter of the space as one continuous piece, responding to two poems by Alexis Pauline Gumbs. He painted it as an inverted negative, but because this photo is also inverted, the painting appears in the positive and Jordan’s figure in the foreground appears inverted. This “mediated reality,” as he calls it, is created using smartphone settings.

Photo by Umi Wagoner.

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