Beast Display

The figures in Polina Tereshina’s recent series of gouache paintings peek out from shrouds of long hair, uncanny beards or veils of bright color, hiding as much as they reveal.

 “Hair makes its way into my paintings for many different reasons,” Tereshina says. “I think of the common social understanding that women should avoid body hair to look clean and acceptable. This understanding tends to creep into a girl’s mind at an early age and stays, possibly forever. Facial hair in particular provides a level of anonymity to the figures. In the same way Picasso’s ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’ are made anonymous by the masks they are depicted wearing. That anonymity means something. But above all ‘Beast Display’ is a loving nod to the work of the [feminist art group] Guerrilla Girls.”

Tereshina’s new work is on view through May 27 at Linda Hodges Gallery.

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