Announcing the Summer 2017 Art Walk Awards Finalists

On Thursday, Aug. 10, our Art Walk Awards return to Capitol Hill’s Sole Repair. Come drink, dance and vote! (And RSVP here.)

The three artworks with the most votes will receive cash prizes ($1,000 for first place, $450 for second and $250 for third) and the first-place artwork will be featured in the September issue of City Arts. This round of guest judges was invited to nominate artworks that were exhibited during May, June and July. These are their picks.

Markel Uriu, Vestment for Grandmother, Mother, paper, thread, 2017. At The Alice (nominated by Mary Anne Carter).

Tarran Sklenar, Untitled, oil on canvas, 2017. At Painting + Drawing Thesis Show, Sand Point Gallery (nominated by Justen Waterhouse).

Daniel Carillo, John Radtke’s Portable Studio, daguerreotype, 2017. At Greg Kucera Gallery (nominated by Paul D. McKee).

Adam Taylor and Joe Wilkinson, Ruminations on Jena, ceramic and mixed media installation with multiples, 2017. At A Gallery (nominated by Paul D. McKee).

Jessica Marie Mercy, PONY, reduction relief on linoleum, 2016. At The Factory (nominated by Mary Anne Carter).

Nicole Ramirez and Nadia Ahmed, Too Much, Not Enough, plastic bags, nails, quilting clips, “art” “objects”, labels, pieces of paper, plexiglass box, 2017. At Strange Coupling, Good Arts LLC (nominated by Justen Waterhouse).

Francesca Lohmann, Untitled, cast bronze, 2017. At The Veronica (nominated by Justen Waterhouse).

Joe Rudko & Kelly Bjork, Across the Room, gouache, pencil and ink on paper, 2017. At Calypte Gallery (nominated by Mary Anne Carter).

Michèle Landsaat, Just around the corner and over a small bridge lives a Gardener… A very old Gardener, sculpted paper overlaid with etchings and screen prints, watercolor and acrylic painted muslin, 2017. At Pratt Fine Arts TK Display Window (nominated by Paul D. McKee).