Editor's Note

And Now, We Turn the Page

Lauren Max photographs Davora Lindner at Prairie Underground headquarters for this month’s cover. Photo by Dan Paulus.

This month marks the last issue of City Arts produced under the umbrella of Encore Media Group before we set sail into our independent future on June 1. Tomorrow we wrap up our public fundraising campaign—so expect a full account of our gratitude next month.

But for now, some thanks for Encore and especially its president Paul Heppner, who created this magazine 12 years ago and has steadfastly supported it ever since, always believing in the value of a local arts magazine and always trusting me, and my incomparable team, to do our work and make decisions, always respecting the bright line that separates business from editorial. Thanks, too, go to our colleagues on the Encore staff, who have put up with having an unruly magazine made in the midst of their otherwise orderly environment, and to the hundreds of folks who have been a part of City Arts up to this point and collectively made this great leap possible. It really does take a village.

As for this issue, it’s bursting with energy and themes befitting the annual celebration that is Pride month. It’s also full of zeitgeisty synchronicities in which stories connect and overlap unintentionally. So, keep an eye out for the hidden threads!

See you out there,

Editor in Chief