“2 Live for the City”

Back in July America was stricken by the Pulse nightclub tragedy, and we at City Arts found Radio Raheem’s “2 Live for the City,” with its message of unity and celebration, offered some small sonic salvation. Things aren’t much better today, as much of the nation is still shocked and traumatized by last week’s world-changing election. 

Just in time, Radio Raheem returns with a video for their instant classic, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to premiere it today. Shot around Seattle during a series of outdoor concerts this summer as the six-piece ensemble played public spaces atop a flatbed truck. The video is a visual reminder of the unifying, uplifting power of music. Especially music like this—rooted in gospel via singer Josephine Howell, with a backing band steeped in disco, soul, R&B and funk. “To the heat/To the heart/to the back of the stone/Start over again,” Howell chants, as Radio Raheem serenades crowds of people smiling, swaying, dancing.

Check out the video below. And let’s never forget that we can come together and start over, for the better. 

Radio Raheem and Kim Virant play Capp’s Club in Kenmore on Friday, Nov. 18.